Friday, April 29, 2011

What This Blog is About.

        Despite the subject matter of my first three postings, this web-site will not simply be about politics, or forgotten  vintage TV shows, or the travails of an adjunct. Rather, this web-site will try to offer  "something for everybody.   A few years ago, I had a much more elaborate web-site called "Intellectual chowder.".  It included book and film reviews,  polemics, profiles of under-ratd or little known writers and thinkers,  essays on sports and games, and a journal. I also featured a roving correspondent and occasional texts by other friends. Finally, I had a sort of bulletin board for the classes I teach.

While that web-site is now defunct, it was mildly popular and even had a bit of a following. This web-site will be a sort of condensed and simplified version of the old site. I will offer a variety of comments on current events, politics and religion. I will also offer "little reviews " of books, films, movies, and even television programs. I hope readers will find them interesting, enlightening, and even vocationally infuriating.
 My political views are independent enough to offend people on both the right and the left, while my religious views, while broadly Catholic, are rather idiosyncratic as well.

    I trust my readers will enjoy; they may even be provoked. At least, I hope so.

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